Clinician Resources

Welcome to our Clinician Resources section, a dedicated space designed to support and empower healthcare professionals in their vital work. As a leading rehabilitation research hub, we understand the importance of equipping clinicians with the latest knowledge, tools, and evidence-based practices. In this section, you will find a wealth of educational materials, research publications, and training opportunities to enhance your expertise and stay at the forefront of rehabilitation care. We aim to foster a collaborative environment where clinicians can connect, share insights, and collaborate with researchers and industry partners to elevate the standard of care for stroke, brain injury, and chronic health conditions.

MPAI Resources for Stroke

The Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory – version 4 (MPAI-4) assesses limitations, activities and participation in individuals with stroke in post-acute rehabilitation programs.

MPAI Resources for TBI

The Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory – version 4 (MPAI-4) assesses deficits, activities, and participation in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in rehabilitation programs.

Digital Health Resources in Stroke

Explore cutting-edge digital solutions designed to empower patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

Learning Health System Readiness

Organizational Readiness to Implement a Learning Health System Approach: A Self-Assessment Questionnaire Project