Welcome to the Early Supported Discharge Program (ESD) for individuals who experienced a stroke.

The CIUSS Centre-Ouest de L’Ile de Montreal (Constance Lethbridge – Layton- Mackay) offers intensive stroke rehabilitation at home to patients recovering from a mild to moderate stroke or other neurological conditions. Eligible clients are referred by the acute care hospitals. They are identified to be safe within their home environment and able to tolerate an intensive rehabilitation program.

ESD Program Duration

The length of your ESD program is based upon the rehabilitation goals established by you and your ESD team, for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your progress. The intensity of therapy is usually 4-5 days/week.

What happens after ESD?

Prior to completing the ESD program, the continuation of your rehabilitation plan will be discussed with you by your team, and any necessary referrals will be done. This may include referral for outpatient rehabilitation or community reintegration programs.

ESD Core Values

  • in respecting clients’ needs
  • in clients respecting responsibility of their own care
  • in rehabilitation as partnership and teamwork
  • Participate actively in evaluation and treatment sessions
  • Tell us your needs and concerns
  • Share requested information
  • Practice home programs and follow recommendations by team
  • Carry-over new learned skills in daily life
  • Actively support your at-home rehabilitation needs
  • Demonstrate a caregiver role and available for the client
  • Able to adjust to the care needs of client
  • Communicate challenges/successes encountered with at-home rehabilitation
  • Evaluate your condition, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Apply evidence-based practice at-home stroke rehabilitation interventions
  • Provide information to help better understand your condition
  • Teach appropriate stroke rehab recommendations and healthy lifestyle